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Bread and Water
Brot und Wasser
und Wasser
Bread and Water

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and Water
Bread and Water
Brot und Wasser
Brot und Wasser
Brot und Wasser

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Reference texts for the domains / Referenztexte für die Domains / Textos de referencia para los dominios:

Bread & Water Company

Bread & Water Company is all about the basics whether it comes to baking our breads, pastries & pies, smoking meats, fish & vegetables for sandwiches, soups and our sinful spreads or just making a superfine cup of coffee or tea for you. Drawing on our traditions from both coasts and multiple continents we pay close attention to our ingredients, refusing to hide them behind fillers and camouflage.

We believe that if we choose the finest elements and treat them right we can bring you the best in nourishment and refreshments every day. Please come to our shops and markets to see what we're about up close!

At Bread & Water we are committed to our local farmers and choose to utilize seasonal produce as much as possible by preparing foods based on local availability.
The menu changes frequently to account for specials and seasonal offerings.
Bread & Water

Bread & Water has transformed a historic 1850’s Jailhouse into a culinary hotspot. Enjoy a variety of fine cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients in this exotic location,
or reserve a private room in a vintage jail cell for a unique dining experience.
Bread and water Lyrics

One night he wandered into that old mission
The one out on the poor side of town
He really had no interest in salvation
Just a place to lay his drunk ole body down

He said, Ma’am I sure am hungry
And I don’t have a penny to my name
Lord knows I hadn’t worked in a month of Sundays
I’m dirty, dead broke and so ashamed

I need bread and water, ma’am that’s all I need
Bread and water, and a place to rest my feet
I ain’t too proud to get down on my knees
For bread and water’s free

She said, you’re always welcome at this table
Said, brother you look like you could use a friend
And there’s no need to pay if you’re not able
Cause even Jesus was a homeless Man

Well she opened up the Word and started reading
About the Savior and the woman at the well
Said it ain’t for me to judge this life you’re leading
There’s only two things can save your soul from hell

It’s bread and water, man that’s all you need
Bread and water, and a place to rest your feet
If you ain’t too proud to get down on your knees
The bread and water’s free
Restaurant "Wasser & Brot"

Die Ortenau bietet eine herrliche Auswahl an Erzeugnissen, die unserer Küche als Inspiration dienen. Das Füllhorn mit heimischen und regionalen Köstlichkeiten lässt keine Wünsche offen und wird kombiniert mit dem Besten aus aller Welt - Empathie trifft Kreativität. Der offene Grill, Herz, zentrales Lichtelement, gemütliche Behaglichkeit, loderndes Feuer, während die Köche die Speisen vor ihren Augen zubereiten.wei freistehende Zellengebäude, durch einen Glaskubus verbunden, der sich über den ehemaligen Gefängnishof spannt. Lounge, Restaurant, offener Grill und Bar vereinen sich zum großen Ganzen, hohe Sandsteinmauern und neue Glasfassade bilden würdigen Bezug zur Geschichte – Gemütlichkeit gepaart mit Einzigartigkeit.

Two free-standing cell buildings, connected by a glass box spanning the former prison courtyard. The lounge, restaurant, open grill and bar combine to form a large development, with high sandstone walls and a new glass facade creating a worthy link to history: cosiness coupled with uniqueness.

Ortenau offers a fantastic selection of products that serve as inspiration for our cuisine. The cornucopia of local and regional delicacies leaves no wish unfulfilled, and wonderful ingredients are combined with the best from all over the world: empathy meets creativity. The open grill, the centrepiece, the central lighting element, brimming with cosiness,a blazing flame, while the chefs prepare dishes before your very eyes.
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